Winning Certificates

These are the winning certificates at Zerodha 60-Day-Challenge. I follow safe and low-risk trading, with an aim for long-term investment.

This is my first winning certificate. I was so excited. Finally, I won the winning certificates.

Winning Certificate – 1


Winning Certificate - 1

In my second winning certificate, I was careful. I wanted to beat the market again. Finally, I got succeed.

Winning Certificate – 2


Winning Certificate -2

In my third case, I wanted to cut the commissions and brokerage. I suitably planned to lower the brokerage and other fees.

Winning Certificate – 3


Winning Certificate -3


Winning Certificate – 4


Winning Certificate - 4

Winning Certificate – 5


Winning Certificate - 5

This is the consecutively 6 times winner. I always want to improve my knowledge. Always get knowledge about the market. The price movements are random. I lalso earned many things from my past experience.

Winning Certificate – 6


Winning Certificate - 6

Now I want to improve my stock picking ideas. Moreover, buying at the proper point is very important. For this, patience is required. So be patient. The most important thing is to learn the fundamentals of the market.

How do I pick stocks?

I only consider quality stocks. First, I look into the stock quality. If a stock is of sufficient quality, I will buy at a particular point. For this, a lot of patience is needed.

It is better not to trade by incurring losses. So wait to that support level. Do not buy randomly. If you buy randomly, the random price movements create a lot of confusion in your mind.

Also, follow a discipline. Discipline and patient beat the market. And those traders have these two qualities, they can beat the market.

Can I beat the Market and achieve winning certificates?

This question is asked by several traders and investors.

In my initial stage, I was also asking the same question.

Yes, you can beat the market. But you require patience and discipline. Discipline means you follow any strategy with proper money management and risk management.

Frankly speaking, no strategy works perfectly. What works in trading is money management and risk management.

I have not seen any strategy that works more than 60% of the time.

Moreover, you should learn the fundamentals of the market. That means collecting knowledge.

I learned fundamentals and less worked about strategies. I follow proper money management and risk management with quality stocks.

Now I am waiting for my 7th winning certificate.

Thank you. Enjoy trading and investing!

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