Upcoming Dividend Stocks (Positive Upcoming Dividends) of NSE-BSE in 2021

The followings are the upcoming dividend stocks of NSE-BSE.

Stock NameDividend TypeDividends Per Share (Rs)Dividend %Announcement DateRecord DateEx-Dividend Date
Galaxy SurfactantsFinal4.04008-06-202101-09-202131-08-2021
J. K. CementFinal15.015014-06-202103-08-2021
Amara Raja BatteryFinal6.060024-05-202129-07-2021
Alembic PharmaFinal14.070004-05-202119-07-2021
Abbott IndiaFinal120.0120018-05-202119-07-2021
Abbott IndiaSpecial155.0155019-05-202119-07-2021
M&M FinancialFinal0.84023-04-202116-07-2021
VST IndustriesFinal114.0114027-04-202116-07-2021
Atul Ltd.Final20.020030-04-202115-07-2021
Bharat ForgeFinal2.010004-06-202116-07-202115-07-2021
Coromandel InternationalFinal6.060029-04-202115-07-2021
Zydus WellnessFinal5.05010-05-202114-07-2021
Lakshmi Machine WorksFinal10.010024-05-202113-07-2021
Seshasayee Paper and BoardsFinal2.512510-05-202113-07-2021
Bosch Ltd.Final115.0115020-05-202112-07-2021
Dr. Reddy’s LabsFinal25.050014-05-202109-07-2021
Trent Ltd.Final0.66030-04-202109-07-2021
Navin Fluorine InternationalFinal6.030007-05-202109-07-2021
Bajaj Holdings and InvestmentFinal40.040029-04-202108-07-2021
Bajaj AutoFinal140140029-04-202108-07-2021
Bajaj FinanceFinal10.050027-04-202108-07-2021
Bajaj FinservFinal3.06028-04-202108-07-2021
HDFC LifeFinal2.022026-04-202101-07-202130-06-2021
Bhansali EngFinal1100.0019-04-202122-06-2021
Supreme IndFinal17850.0003-05-202121-06-2021
Tata SteelFinal6.2525005-05-202117-06-2021
Shriram TransFinal66029-04-202116-06-2021
Hindustan UnileverFinal17170029-04-202114-06-2021
Tata ChemicalsFinal1010003-05-202114-06-2021
Rallis IndiaFinal3300.0022-04-202109-06-2021
JM FinancialFinal0.550.0005-05-202128-05-2021
Oracle Financial Services SoftwareInterim200400005-05-202118-05-202117-05-2021
Gillette IndiaSpecial50500.0027-04-202114-05-202112-05-2021
Procter and Gamble Hygiene and Health CareSpecial150150026-04-202112-05-202111-05-2021
Stovec IndFinal22220.0026-02-202103-05-2021
HCL TechInterim6300.0013-04-202101-05-202129-04-2021
HCL TechSpecial10500.0014-04-202101-05-202129-04-2021
Ishan Dyes and ChemicalsInterim1.2512.5019-04-202101-05-202129-04-2021
Nestle IndiaFinal6565016-02-202129-04-2021
Castrol IndiaFinal36001-02-202122-04-2021
Schaeffler IndiaFinal3838016-02-202119-04-2021
Sanofi IndiaFinal125125023-02-202119-04-2021
Sanofi IndiaSpecial240240024-02-20219-04-2021
Vesuvius IndiaFinal7.07025-02-202120-04-202119-04-2021
ABB IndiaFinal5.025010-02-202119-04-2021
Ambuja CementsFinal1.05018-02-202122-03-202119-03-2021
KEI IndustriesInterim2.010026-02-202110-03-202109-03-2021
Anant RajFinal0.08403-09-202022-12-2020

Bambino Agro


Jai Corp


Vasundhara Rasayans


Rushil Decor


Shahlon Silk Industries


Rail Vikas




VLS Finance Ltd.


Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Ltd.


UTI Asset Management Company Ltd.


Procter & Gamble Health Ltd.

Procter & Gamble Health Ltd.Special188188016-09-202018-11-2020
Gillette India Ltd.Final4949026-08-202017-11-2020
Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Healthcare Ltd.Final105105026-08-202013-11-2020
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd.Interim1010029-10-202013-11-202012-11-2020
Laurus Labs Ltd.Interim0.84029-10-202011-11-202010-11-2020
Rain Industries Ltd.Interim15030-10-202011-11-202010-11-2020
Navin Fluorine International Ltd.Interim525028-10-202011-11-202010-11-2020

Asian Granito India Ltd.


Mastek Ltd.


Sharda Cropchem Ltd.


Shriram Transport Finance Corporation Ltd.


LT Foods Ltd.


Surya Roshni Ltd.


Castrol India Ltd.


Ambuja Cements Ltd.


ICICI Securities Ltd.


Kopran Ltd.


Marico Ltd.


Supreme Industries Ltd.


Supreme Petrochem Ltd.


Vaibhav Global Ltd.


Larsen & Toubro Ltd.


Rico Auto Ltd.


What are the Upcoming Dividend Stocks or Upcoming Dividends?

The upcoming dividend stocks are the stocks that will pay a dividend in the near future to their shareholders. The upcoming dividends are very useful to make a correct decision in dividend investing.

Upcoming Dividend Stocks - Upcoming Dividends

Dividend investing is one of the best investing processes for the long term. The dividends provide extra cash to shareholders. Therefore, the investors should continuously look for the upcoming dividend stocks.

Key Dividend Related Dates (Applicable to Upcoming Dividend Stocks or Upcoming Dividends)

The following are the key dividend-related dates, which are applicable to upcoming dividend stocks or upcoming dividends.

  • Announcement Date

The date when a company’s board of directors announces a dividend to its shareholders is known as the announcement date. It is also known as the declaration date. The announcement date is an important one.

The ex-dividend and record dates will come after the declaration date.

  • Record Date

The date, when the dividend giving company looks to see on the record who the shareholders are, is known as the record date.

Typically, the record date is one business day after the ex-dividend date.

  • Ex-dividend Date

This is an important date. The ex-dividend date is associated with other dates in the dividend distribution process. This is explained in detail in the coming section.

  • Payment Date

The date when the dividend payment is given by a company to its shareholders is known as the payment date. On the payment date, the shareholders receive the dividend cash payment.

What is an Ex-Dividend Date?

The upcoming dividends are related to the ex-dividend date. Therefore, the investor should know what the ex-dividend date is. Before buying upcoming dividend stocks, please focus on their ex-dividend dates.

The ex-dividend date (also known as ex-date) is the stock trading day without considering the value of its next dividend.

This means that an investor who purchases the stock on its ex-dividend date or later will not be eligible to get the declared dividend.

The dividend amount is paid to those investors who owned the stock the day before the ex-dividend date.

Generally, for a stock, the ex-dividend date is one business day before the record date.

Example of Ex-Dividend

Now consider one example.

Suppose Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. stock is going to pay an interim dividend of Rs. 10 per share. The company has announced it on the date 29-10-2020. The record date was set as 13-11-2020. The ex-dividend date was set as 12-11-2020.

The dividend payment will go to those shareholders who have bought Thyrocare Technologies stock prior to the ex-dividend date, i.e., 12-11-2020.

Only those shareholders who have purchased Thyrocare Technologies stock prior to the ex-dividend date are eligible for the dividend cash payment.

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