About InvestingMindz

Welcome to all! The site InvestingMindz is related to free education in investing line. 

Hello, myself is B. Patro. I am the founder of InvestingMindz.com, to educate people in investing line.

I believe in long-term investing in which good returns can be earned in a long run by purchasing and holding good quality stocks. 

However, I also do safe and low risk trading in some circumstances. My principle is trading-cum-investing.

About InvestingMindz

I am seriously committed to sharing my knowledge and passion for investing in the website InvestingMindz. 

My aim is to educate people in investing line so that they can do it in self-learning mode. Again, my principle of investing is smart investing.

Why InvestingMindz

Before you learn investing at InvestingMindz website, you should know more about InvestingMindz. 

The website Investing Mindz is dedicated to common people especially poor and village people, to educate them about investing. 

Moreover, this website is helpful to enhance their knowledge about investing.

Purposes of the website InvestingMindz are:

To learn smart investing in the stock market

* To learn trading-cum-investing in the stock market

To learn smart investing in mutual funds

To learn smart investing in national pension scheme

To learn smart investing in gold

To learn other smart investing options

Investing Mindz

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